Based on details that came by way of the Samsung event and the wording from the press release, we already knew that the GALAXY S 4 would be available with a wide variety of carriers in the US market. In fact, Samsung noted that the GALAXY S 4 would be available with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, US Cellular, Cricket and others from the second quarter.

On that note, while we have yet to hear from each and every carrier, we have begun to hear from a few. In fact, AT&T, T-Mobile and US Cellular have since released confirming statements of their own. The unfortunate part is that we have yet to learn any specifics in terms of dates and prices.

AT&T has taken this as an opportunity to remind everyone they were the first in the US to offer the Galaxy series and at the same time have said they “are excited to bring the Galaxy S4 to the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network.” US Cellular has said they are “excited to bring the Samsung Galaxy S 4 to our customers” and that details and presale information will be shared soon. US Cellular was the closest to giving a timeframe, but even that was a generic sounding “in the near future.”

T-Mobile has said that they are “excited to partner with Samsung to bring the Samsung Galaxy S 4 to our customers.” Otherwise, similar to the other carriers, T-Mobile has launched a pre-registration teaser page. And for those with any concern about the T-Mobile model and LTE (like we saw with the Galaxy S III), that teaser page has the 4G LTE logo displayed. Bottom line though, what we have at this time are carrier statements that match rather closely to what Samsung has already announced.

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