Joining the Army is a big decision and a life-changing event for many people, so it makes sense that you might have a lot of questions if you’re thinking about enlisting. Normally, heading off an Army recruiter is a good idea if you have some questions to ask, but starting today, you can get at least some of the answers you’re after on your phone. The US Army has released an app on Google Play called SGT. STAR, and it’s intended to help you get the answers you need about the Army.

SGT. STAR is a free app, and it actually seems to work quite well. We downloaded it and gave it a spin, asking the Sarge a number of questions to see his responses. The questions range from ones that a potential Army recruit might actually have to ones that no one would ever ask someone in the Army, and to our surprise, his responses were pretty solid each and every time.

For instance, when asked if basic training is hard, he said that while it is demanding and challenging, it should also be viewed as an opportunity to build strength and skill. When we asked how he felt about Pokemon, on the other hand, he told us about the different apps, widgets, and video games the US Army offers. In other words, this app at least knew that Pokemon was a video game, when Pokemon has nothing to do with Army whatsoever.

Another nice thing about SGT. STAR is that the app provides links to other resources, so if the answers given don’t completely satisfy, you can look up more information through one of the links offered. All in all, it’s a handy little app that should help you out if you’re currently deciding on whether or not to enlist in the Army. It’s available now on the Google Play Store [download link], so be sure to give it a look.