Urbanears has already proven itself as a big player in terms of quality headphones, but now it looks like they’re diversifying into other audio accessories. They’ve announced the release of a new line of Connected Speakers, their first actually in this segment, which lets you play your music or whatever it is you want to play from a variety of sources. The Baggen and Stammen, of course named after areas in Stockholm just like other Urbanears products, are now available for your listening pleasure.

The different between the two is their size, with the Baggen the bigger and slightly more expensive one while the Stammen is of course smaller and cheaper. But both basically share the square, cloth-covered design and as well as the major features. You have a lot of options to connect a device or service to both speakers. You can use Bluetooth, old school 3.5mm aux, plus Spotify Connect, AirPlay, and Chromecast are already built-in so you can connect through mobile device, turntable, or also music streaming services.

In terms of internal hardware, the two are also different. The Stammen has two tweeters and a subwoofer while the Baggen has two full-range drivers. They both have a two-knob control scheme, inspired by the old-school transistor radios. One knob is for the volume while the other will let you toggle between Bluetooth, WiFi, and auxiliary input. You can also connect up to 5 other speakers in the line to create a multi-room system. Another great thing you can do here is you can save up to 7 playlists from Spotify or your favorite internet radio services.

The Stanmen costs $350 each while the Baggen is priced at $450. They’re available in six colors, namely dirty pink, vinyl black, plant green, concrete grey, goldfish orange, and indigo blue. You can buy them through the Urbanears online store or at selected retailers.

SOURCE: Urbanears