Next up at this years Uplinq 2011 event was the Qualcomm Snapdragon Super Session showing off what your apps can do if you target Snapdragon. They had some exciting things to talk about any many different demos and we will be reporting on it as they come in. What we have here is a demo of the HTC EVO 3D recording and playing back in 3D as well as some other cool features like multi-burst photo capture and something called “Rewind”. The video shows how powerful and amazing this really is.

This technology is brought to us by Scalado and Qualcomm on Snapdragon powered phones. What we see here is a mini Vegas-like show and then some multi-burst capture done on the EVO 3D, then this is where the Scalado technology comes into play. It captures multiple shots in real time with zero shutter lag and you can choose as many or as few as you’d like. The user is then able to use the feature they are calling “Rewind” to actually rewind to different points inside the image, if one persons eyes were shut you can choose one of the other captures and use it. If someones head was turned just choose another you like and combine them into one large image. Watch the video below to see this in real time:

[vms 6bb580df6e80b0dc05c4]

Basically this takes all the mistakes and issues out of photo taking and really makes use of some cool and advanced features. This is just the tip of the iceberg and one small example of the things Qualcomm has planned for the Snapdragon line of devices, especially those running on Android.

This next video is an extended versions of what is posted above but rather than showing the multi-burst camera they show the EVO 3D capturing 3D video. Things look extremely smooth and we sure can’t wait to get more hands on the EVO 3D for some testing and playtime.

[vms 864533ec05b321ae1f9d]