A few weeks ago the Tasker 5.8 update and its APK were made ready for download. That was after a few months of waiting since the update that brought WaveNet Voices and Keyboard Action, long press volume button, and quick remapping of Bixby. The latest important change is the ability to come up with chat heads for an instant messaging app with the help of Tasker. The idea of chat heads comes from Facebook Messenger that many people love. And now, the same floating chat heads can be made whatever your messaging app is.

If you want chat heads for any app, you only need a few things: AutoTools, AutoNotification, and Tasker. You only need those three requirements.

Once chat heads are working, you will only need to tap the bubbles to start a reply or new message. If you know AutoTools, setting the chat heads can be easy as per an XDA developer.

The instructions on the video are fairly easy to follow. The floating bubble should work on most instant messaging apps. It’s easier and more convenient to use because you can directly reply or respond from the chat head.

Make sure you have the three: AutoTools, AutoNotification, and Tasker all together on the same device. Tasker may cost a price ($2.99) but it allows chat heads.

The three must work together to achieve one goal. One will allow customization of notifications while AutoTools offers more features. There is nothing permanent in the mobile industry. Google may someday revoke some features, capabilities, and permissions.