Google continues to improve its many apps and services regularly. We don’t think the Google Maps app will end anytime soon or ever because it is very useful. It can be integrated with a lot of other services and features. It received new ride services last year to provide riders and commuters accurate information for their travels. Ride services were released in the United States first and then rolled out in other countries as well.

Booking a ride from Google Maps can be done directly on the mobile app. With the ride service integration, more people are able to get to their destinations faster. The app is one convenient way of bringing information that are relevant to most riders and drivers. Google has been working on some changes to the app and service recently so don’t be surprised if you see more ride service options the next time you open the Google Maps app.

With the update, you can also see more actionable information that are useful. There’s the open ride services mode you can choose that will now show a familiar map together with a carousel of ride service providers available in your area. This is actually new since previously, you can only see a long list of service providers. To see ride options, promotions, and special offers, you may also tap on one provider to view.

Like most people we know, we believe Uber is one of your frequently used apps. In case you didn’t know, you can now book a ride directly within Google Maps. In the coming days, you will soon be able to pay for an Uber ride right on the Google Maps. You won’t need to get out of the app just to check your Uber status or make a payment.

Actually, you can soon use your Uber account even when you don’t have the Uber app on your phone. Being on the Google Maps app will be enough because of the new and improved service integration. It’s one very convenient way to using Google Maps because your favorite app has just been integrated and in a major way at that. As long as you have an Uber account and Google Maps, those two are enough.

If you’re traveling to a new destination, you can also check out more information about it while on your way. You’ll see more details about the destination so you can be familiar with it even before you get there.

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