The new TicWatch Pro is getting a special Wear OS upgrade Actually, it’s a Google Fit update that allows the smartwatch to reduce or lower battery consumption. The goal is a longer battery life so more can be done directly on one’s wrist. You see, smartwatches are more advanced these days but there is the problem of battery. Google has been working on a solution that will help save battery in GPS mode. If you own a TicWatch Pro, the update will be very evident. You may be able to use the smartwatch in two days without having to recharge.

Google Fit on Wear OS is ready for an update. It makes Google Fit work on a low power mode in GPS functionality. This will be more useful during any kind of workout like maybe running or cycling.

Details are scarce and so we have no idea about the minimum requirements. The Mobvo TicWatch Pro is eligible for the said Google Fit update so we can start looking on that one.

At the moment, we can assume any Wear OS with Google Fit can receive the update. We’ll have to wait and see for an official announcement.

VIA: 9TO5Google