Flickr announced that you can now upload directly to flickr from your Froyo running Android device, a feature many have been longing for. Until now you have only been able to upload by email which can be troublesome for many.

“If we see that you’re coming from an Android 2.2 device, we’ll give you an upload link right on the Flickr homepage. This takes you to our mobile upload page where you will now see the option to simply ‘Choose a file’. Selecting this button gives you access to your photo gallery, where you can conveniently select the photo you like to upload and then send it to Flickr via the ‘Upload’ button.”

The only problem here is the requirement of 2.2. With many delays in release date and some manufacturers not even giving us word if it’s expected only users with newer handsets will be able to do this, others will simply have to continue to email their photos for upload.

[Via Flickr Blog]