The Xiaomi Mi Band is probably one of the most affordable and popular wearables currently in the market, at least for the entry-level buying consumers. Last June 2020, they released the Mi Band 5 which is obviously the most advanced fitness tracker that they have released so far. But of course, they’re set to release a new one this year if this leak is to be believed. The Mi Band 6 will reportedly be released this year and it will come with upgraded features like support for GPS, SpO2 tracking, and it will even have Alexa as a digital assistant.

XDA Developers shares that the information we’re getting about the supposed Xiaomi Mi Band 6 comes from a source that has been a well-known leaker of the Mi Band over the years. According to “Magical Unicorn”, the new device has been mentioned in the code of the Zepp application, formerly known as Amazfit and is a companion to Huami’s Amazfit smartwatches and fitness trackers. It’s codenamed “Pangu” and comes in model number XMSH16HM.

There seems to be two variants: a China model which has NFC and a global variant that doesn’t have that. But some of the features that the Mi Band 6 (both variants we assume) may have is a Sp02 sensor to measure the oxygen saturation level of the user, support for Alexa as a digital assistant, animations for some features like Success, Update, and Heart Rate. It may also have a bigger screen, updated watch faces, and notifications with emoticons.

The Mi Band 6 will reportedly also have built-in GPS which means it can function and track your activities even without a connected smartphone. And speaking of tracking, it will be able to track more physical activities than its predecessors, 19 to be specific. Activities include HIIT, indoor ice skating, core training, stretching, stepper, street dance, dance, volleyball, boxing, etc. You may also be able to set alarms directly, lock the screen when you’re swimming, and view sleep data from the band itself.

There’s no indication though as when the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 may possible be announced. If they do release this device or something similar to it, we’ll watch out for the price range as this is where the fitness band also has an advantage over its competitors.