It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Samsung fitness band, so the supposed arrival of the Gear Fit 2 next month has gotten some interest, particularly since it will reportedly be the first fitness tracker from the OEM that will have the company’s Bio-Processor. Now new pictures of the wearable have been leaked, giving us more (hopefully reliable) information about the new device, which will hopefully be released next month as rumored.

The new leaked images of the Gear Fit 2 show a rubberized fitness band that doesn’t have any exposed parts and so it can be used for physical activities that involve liquids and sweat like swimming, cycling, running, etc. A few days ago, there were also some pictures leaked showing that it will be available in several colors like blue, black, and pink. It looks like it could be interchangeable also, so you can have a different color wearable when it strikes you.

If the rumor is true that it will have Samsung’s Bio-Processor, it will supposedly be able to give users enhanced fitness and health tracking features, although what those are, no one knows just yet. Other leaked specs of the Gear Fit 2 include a 1.84-inch AMOLED display, a GPU chip embedded in the CPU, and 4GB internal memory. No word yet of course on the pricing range of this device.

The persistent rumor is that the Samsung Gear Fit 2 will be launched in South Korea first this coming June. But as to which week of June in order to prolong our anticipation, we still have no idea. Expect more leaks and rumors soon.

VIA: SAM Mobile