One of the devices people will be waiting for come Q3 or Q4 of 2017 is LG’s V Series phablet, usually launched to be in direct competition with Samsung’s yearly Galaxy Note device. Since Samsung blew it (sorry, had to) with the Note 7 last year, the LG V20 had a “free run” so to speak. But this year is different – Samsung is looking to rebound from last year’s fiasco, so LG will have to put out a great phablet in the upcoming LG V30.

These images will be the closest we can get to an actual look at the upcoming LG V30, care of the guys over at @OnLeaks. So what jumps out? Well, the FullVision Display does. It looks like LG will be carrying that technology over to the V Series, and there really is no reason why they would not. Check out the video below.

That FullVision Display looks to be 6 inches diagonally, which is to say it will be a proper phablet. Other details include a dual camera module and a fingerprint scanner at the rear, both of which are not really surprising to us right now. From what it looks like, it is a USB-C port on these images.

The LG V30 will reportedly be unveiled by the end of August, a day before IFA 2017 in Berlin kicks off. Where that is in Samsung’s timeline is a bit vague right now, since we still don’t have a solid date on when the Galaxy Note 8 will be coming out.

VIA: MySmartPrice