The upcoming new flagship tablet series is already an open secret in the industry, despite no official news yet as to when it’s launching. The Galaxy Tab S8 series is expected to be announced sometime in the next few weeks but now we’re seeing images of the “real” tablets. The leaked photos seem to come from their regulatory filings which the company needs to complete before they can officially launch. More often than not we get actual photos from these filings so these seem to be legit.

SAM Mobile shares that they were able to extract the images from these regulatory filings for the Galaxy Tab S8 series. We really can’t confirm though if these are the real deal since we also don’t have the official specifications of these tablets. But they seem to match what we know so far based on the previously leaked or rumored specifications of the three variants: the Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+, and the new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra which has been described as “bonkers”.

The Galaxy Tab S8 will come with an 11-inch display while the Galaxy Tab S8+ is slightly bigger with a 12-inch panel. The new variant for the tablet flagship line is the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and it will reportedly come with a 14.6-inch AMOLED panel which will be bigger than the iPad Pro 2021 and it will be the only model with a notched display to house the selfie camera. Samsung will be using the new BRS technology so you get thinner bezels with these tablets.

The tablets will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the 2022 flagship processor from Qualcomm. All of them will also have support for 5G connection and the all important S Pen, which is one of the reasons why one gets a tablet. A lot of the leaked specs seem to be about the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra since it’s sort of the new kid on the block. It will have 16GB RAM and 512GB storage but the other two models will also get various RAM and storage options.

We still have no clue as to when the Galaxy Tab S8 will officially be announced. But this should be in the next few weeks as the 2022 smartphone flagship is expected to be announced late in February or early March. We don’t know if they’ll be announcing both lines during one Unpacked event or space it out in the next few months.


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