The pressure for Samsung to deliver an amazing new flagship device next year is extremely high, given the massive failure of the Galaxy Note 7 which has been recalled worldwide and may even be bricked for those who refuse to return it. So there have been quite a few rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S8 (or what we assume to be the name of the new flagship) and for this edition, insiders are saying that it will have an all-screen design, removing the physical button and having more screen real estate.

Actually there will still be a home button, supposedly buried somewhere in the glass in the lower section. But the emphasis will be on the bezel-less displays and these wrap-around displays will supposedly be powered with organic light-emitting diode technology. Rivals like Apple are also rumored to be trying out OLED screens which are actually thinner and uses less power as compared to the liquid-crystal screens used by most devices.

Samsung may also be delaying the release of the Galaxy S8 from March to April, but with good reason. Ever since the debacle with the Note 7, they want to make sure that they have tougher testing procedures and they would need a bit more time to make sure the phones can be “verified as safe”. But there’s also the fear that delaying it for a month or so will allow other brands to take advantage of this “lull” and push their smartphones on a waiting market.

Aside from the supposedly all-screen design, Samsung is rumored to be developing an upgraded digital assistant to challenge the likes of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc. It will also reportedly come in two sizes, a 5.1-inch and a 5.5-inch one. One other persistent rumor before that it will have a dual camera may not be true anymore due to high manufacturing costs. The Galaxy S8 is expected to be announced during the Mobile World Congress, if all goes to plan.

VIA: Bloomberg