We’re still a couple of months away from the expected announcement of the new flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S7, so of course speculation as to what this will be able to offer to customers, is especially high. People familiar with the matter are saying that it will have a pressure-sensitive display and a high-speed charging port, and maybe even a retina scanner thrown into the mix. But otherwise, it will still be close to the current flagship, the Galaxy S6.

Since the Galaxy S5 spectacularly flopped in the market, and then the Galaxy S6 was beloved by consumers and even some critics as well, then it’s not surprising that Samsung would decide to stick to what works. But of course since they would need to add something new to the equation, hence the supposed pressure-sensitive display (somewhat similar to what the iPhone 6s is offering now) and the fast-charging port (USB Type C). The latter is surely needed as complaints that the battery life of devices is less than stellar keep hounding OEMs like Samsung.

D.J. Koh is the new mobile chief in Samsung, replacing long-time head J.K. Shin, in the hopes of upping the ante and reviving the sales of the Korean company. While they’re saying that it won’t be so different from the Galaxy S6, they would have to be more careful now when it comes to forecasting demand, particularly for the expected curved-screen version that will accompany the flagship.

It is expected that the Galaxy S7 will hit the market in March, just a few weeks after the announcement at the fringes of the Mobile World Congress in February. Unlike previous years when it takes six weeks from the announcement to hit the streets, they say that Samsung wants to capitalize on the buzz they will make at the MWC to translate it to sales.

VIA: Wall Street Journal