Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Qualcomm Snapdragon

The upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is now believed to run on Qualcomm’s newest premium processor. Usually, Samsung launches the new Note with some of the latest hardware available in the market and this year is no different. Last year, the problematic Note 7 included the iris scanner but we didn’t get to use it as much because of the issue of overheating and battery explosion.

For this year, Qualcomm is releasing the new processor after the Snapdragon 835. The Note 8 may be powered by a Snapdragon 836 according to a Chinese source. It’s not exactly a major leap from the 835 but only an improved variant jumping to 2.6GHz maximum from S835’s 2.45GHz.

As with most Snapdragon updates, the S836 will bump up the GPU speed to 740 MHz. It is expected to be more efficient by at least ten percent. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already very fast but using a new Qualcomm processor will make it even faster and more battery efficient.

The introduction of the Snapdragon 836 may also mean the next premium flagship phones from other top OEMs will also use it. There’s the Google Pixel 2, Pixel XL 2, and the LG V30 expected to use the 835 but may now use the 836 instead.

VIA: SlashGear