For those waiting for the Galaxy Note 8 official announcement, we finally got a date from Samsung: August 23. But while we’re pretty sure what device they will be unveiling, the details of that smartphone aren’t confirmed. There have been lots of rumors and “leaks” but nothing is for sure until that day. The latest rumor is that there will be a new color for the phablet to go with the other two usual colors. Unsurprisingly, the new color may be Deep Blue.

We say it’s not really that surprising since the infamous Galaxy Note 7, that of the battery-catching-on-fire-then-globally-recalled notoriety, also had a coral blue color option. It was also a color for the Galaxy S7 edge and then lately, for the Galaxy S8 duo. So having a different shade of blue will not be that far out for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

This tip came from resident tipster Roland Quandt, who has a pretty good track record when it comes to his rumors and leaks. He tweeted that there will be “at least” three colors: the aforementioned Deep Blue, plus the more “traditional” Midnight Black and Orchid Gray. He said at least so there may be even more colors that will be announced soon.

But all of this is still unconfirmed of course. We have to wait until August 23 to find out how Samsung will try to recover their phablet reputation after the global recall of the previous one. While the Galaxy S8 duo are doing pretty well, the next released device in the Note series will be the real test.

VIA: GSM Arena