The Unu tablet/gaming/home entertainment package has seen its share of delays, but will begin shipping to retailers in November. According to Unu, they are now ready to ship the various packages to retailers and customers, just in time for the holiday season. Available for pre-order now, Unu offers a unique take on the fight for your living room.

Rather than create a dongle, or set-top box, Unu does all of it — and then some. For $200, you’ll get a tablet, docking station, and AirMouse (remote control). For an additional $50, you can add a controller for a full-on gaming experience.

Slide the Unu tablet into the dock, and what was on the screen will be broadcast to your TV via HDMI. You’ll have access to anything you can get on your tablet (Play Store, Amazon, etc.), it’ll just be broadcast to the TV once docked. The catch is that you’ll have to use the Unu tablet, and their remote and controller will only work with the dock via IR.

The tablet will be the catch for many of us, but it probably shouldn’t be. While a bit vague on the down-and-dirty details, Unu is saying their tablet has a respectable list of specs. With a 1.6GHz processor and 1080p screen fronting 1GB RAM and 8GB expandable memory, it’s not top of the line, but it probably won’t disappoint, either.

Pre-orders can be placed at GameStop or NewEgg, with both sites having conflicting release dates. GameStop notes an October 29th availability, while NewEgg is saying November 8th.

VIA: Engadget