There is no dearth of games available today for mobile devices, on Android or iOS. But there are still some gaping holes in the mobile gaming that keep it from reaching its full potential equivalent to that of PCs or consoles. That is a hole that a new company by the name of Unspoken Tales wants to fill by bringing what it considers hardcore, story-driven games to tablets.

The roster of this fledgling company nothing to pan. Its founder and CEO, Patrick Mork has a resume that spans Glu Mobile, GetJar, and finally Google, where he worked as Google Play Marketing Chief. Alessandro Tento is the former VP of Art Development and the founder of Activision’s Shanghai studio. Co-founders Danielle Deibler and Scott Foe also held high titles in the game industry. With those credentials behind their back, Unspoken Tales seems to be in a position to bring something interesting to the table.

That something interesting comes in the form of depth, something that the company’s members feel is missing from the mobile gaming world. You have chart toppers, definitely, but these range from the casual to the addictive to the absurd. There is, however, a noticeable lack of story-driven games, the type of games that would draw hardcore gamers away from their custom-built computers or newly-purchased consoles. While the details of its first game are still shrouded in secrecy, Unspoken Tales has thrown in phrases like “fantastical universe”, “unique characters”, “good vs. evil”, just the words more avid gamers definitely want to hear.

Unspoken Tales will definitely be facing an uphill struggle. Mobile devices do not lend themselves easily to more immersive and more involved gaming. Not only does the itinerant nature of the device require a more casual approach, it also lacks the usual input controls that make the type of games that Unspoken Tales are envisioning easier to play. Virtual d-pads just don’t cut it. Hopefully, the team has enough industry experience, connections, and vision to make those dreams a reality.

VIA: TechCrunch