Swiping through all your email junk just so you can get to 0 inbox can sometimes be such a chore. One tool that some users on iOS have been using to make it a bit more tolerable is Unroll.me. It turns all your subscriptions into a more manageable pile and makes unsubscribing to the useless ones just one or tow swipes away. The good news for Android users is that you will also now be able to make use of this tool as it now comes to the Google Play Store.

Unroll.me doesn’t want to replace the email app you’re probably already fond of. What it does is help you manage the tons of email subscriptions and sign-ups that you already have. And the ones that you choose to keep, it organizes it into a sort of newsletter or a once-daily so you can read them all at just one glance and keep up with all the latest news and offers. You will also be able to easily switch from one account to another, if you have more than one email that you regularly use.

Unsubscribing is pretty easy as you just have to swipe left and already you will not receive future emails from that address anymore. If the email something that you actually want to keep then just swipe right and it will remain in your inbox. If it’s a subscription and you want to add it to your daily Rollup and it will be added to your digest.

You can download Unroll.me from the Google Play Store for free. It currently supports only Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and Outlook.com accounts.

SOURCE: Unroll.me



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