It will take a while for CyanogenMod, that legendary name that corresponds to one of the most used Android custom ROMs in the world, will put out an official build marked CM13, or the version that carries Android 6.0 Marshmallow flavor. But that’s not stopping these independent developers from putting out unofficial builds. They’re not quite there yet – bugs and all that – but these are usable to a point, and you can actually help by pointing out the bugs.

First up is the unofficial CM13 build by XDA member “leonardoafa”, for usage on the Moto X 2014 edition. The developer says that most of the features work – the only bugs discovered so far is that the lockscreen security is not working, and the “energy saver” feature enabled results in a boot loop. Other than that, most things work. You can check his official XDA thread for the download links and instructions.

The second ROM is a multi-platform one, albeit only on Sprout4 Android One devices. The build was created by XDA member “Swapnil Solanki”, and like the other custom ROMs, this one has bugs as well. The major one is that mobile data doesn’t work just quite yet, so people using this ROM will have to be content with WiFi connectivity. Check out his XDA thread here.

The last one is an unofficial CM13 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I doubt if casual users will use this ROM to test out on their expensive flagship phablet, but I know of some hardcore developer dudes who would probably enjoy testing this out. The build was created by XDA member “gekkehenkie11”, and as always, there are known bugs. This includes a non-working fingerprint scanner and NFC, and some battery drains. Check out the XDA thread here if you’re interested.



  1. There’s also an early build out for Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250 a.k.a. maguro by Ziyan which although imperfect (so far) apparently performs better than LP on said device…


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