Notifications are pretty much useful. With a single glance at your home or lockscreen, you can quickly be reminded of what’s on your calendar and what you need to do. Those quick messages can tell you what’s happening in the work or who recently left a comment on your post on your favorite social network. Lockscreen notifications are especially helpful because more often than not, you don’t have to unlock or launch an app just to read the latest alert.

Those messages may be helpful but they can be annoying at times especially if your phone is already full of them. The technique is to quickly erase them. Making them disappear is so easy with a single swipe. There’s the danger of accidentally deleting those alerts. It shouldn’t be a major problem but sometimes, there are important items you may need to read but haven’t. You sure don’t want to miss those notifications of emails from your colleagues.

Undoing notifications that have been deleted already should be interesting but there is no such feature until now when the Android team has released new APIs that can allow to undo deletion. There’s also an app aptly called the ‘Unnotification’. This app uses the APIs so to be sure that no important messages are deleted, download Unnotification and see for yourself how it can make lives easier.

What the app does is simply ask you that a notification you’re about to delete something. You will be asked if you want to bring the notification back or not.

Download Unnotification from the Google Play Store