Waiting for major updates from Android can sometimes be such a pain, especially if your device is the previous flagship already. HTC told its users that both the U11 and the U10 will be receiving the Android 8.0 Oreo update. While the current flagship already received theirs, the U10, which was 2016’s banner device, had to be content with their Nougat. But now, it looks like the Oreo over-the-air update has started rolling out for them, at least for the unlocked version.

The update is named software version 3.16.617.2 and it has started rolling out to HTC U10 owners who aren’t locked in to any of the carriers. Once you’ve updated your device, you’ll be able to enjoy the new features on Oreo, which includes support for picture-in-picture viewing, Autofill to get rid of filling in forms over and over, notification dots, Instant Apps for those who don’t want to install more apps on their devices, etc.

If you haven’t received the notification that the OTA update is already ready for you but you’re too impatient to wait for it and want your Oreo now, there is also a 1.8GB RUU file available (link in the source) if you want to install it yourself. Just note that when you install that, it will wipe your phone completely so better make sure you’ve already backed up your data or else you might end up crying instead of happy with your update.

For HTC U11 owners, there is also an update for you, but this is the December security patch that Google promises to send every month. There is also a 1.9GB RUU in case you don’t want to wait as well.

VIA: Android Police


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