A new OTA update for unlocked Galaxy S III devices in the UK is rolling out this morning. UK carriers have been gradually rolling out Jelly Bean updates to devices, but until this morning, unlocked phones remained out in the cold. Thankfully, the wait for unlocked phones is over, and you should have already received an OTA update. If not, you should see the update any minute.

Our friends over at SlashGear happen to have an unlocked Galaxy S III, and sure enough, theirs has received the update. The update comes in at a sizable 284.36MB, so you might think about downloading over Wi-Fi if you are on a limited cellular data plan. You can also update using Samsung Kies and USB.

Jelly Bean adds some awesome new features to the Galaxy S III. One of the coolest is Google Now, which uses appointments and locations to show important pieces of information. It also adds more details to the notification bars, and the ability to pause and resume videos during recording.

To check for the update on your phone, simply go to “About Device” in settings and choose update. Of course, you can load up Kies and check for the update there. For those of us in the US waiting for some Jelly Bean love, Samsung has said that it will be here “in the coming months.” Essentially, it’s on the carriers to push the update to market, so we may have to wait a bit longer.

[via SlashGear]