Canada is getting some love from Amazon and it’s nothing but good news. To be more specific, Amazon Prime members who reside in Canada now have access to an unlimited amount of photo storage space through Amazon with Prime Photos. Tacking on more good news is that Amazon Student and Amazon Family members in Canada also have unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. Who knows why Amazon chose Canada to receive the massive free storage space, but who’s complaining?

Prime Photo is the photo storage app hosted by Amazon. We could safely bet that photos are what takes up most of our smartphones memory, and as much as we try to save on storage space, we tend to get really close or forced to delete content – leaving us in a panic mode of not wanting to delete anything.

If you’re an Amazon prime member who lives in Canada, those issues of photos taking up your phone are no longer your concerns. Simply throw all your memories, moments, and captivating times into Amazon’s Cloud Drive to free up your phone. Rinse and repeat.

The app is available for all platforms including Amazon’s Fire tablet, Mac, and Windows PC – making it easier to access photos from different devices.

VIA: iMore


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