Any game with the word “Titan” in the name sounds exciting. This new strategy adventure from Game Alliance will have the player going on a new journey where PVP battles are the norm. ‘SIEGE: Titan Wars’ features incredible Titans and legendary warriors fighting over spells and trying to beat the Towers. Take the castle under siege and watch the enemies fall on your knees.

In SIEGE: Titan Wars, you will need to go up the ranks and leaderboard and beat all the tiers available. The legends going after you can be beaten as long as you work hard to collect new cards, build a perfect deck, and play with other great warriors in different online multiplayer battles. More victory points can be achieved so you can start unlocking more cards, strengthening Titans, and upgrading present warriors.

The battleground is open but who will dare go against you? To finish the game faster, build your own strong community and form a new clan to share cards. In-app items are available if you’re willing top spend a few more dollars. The game is free to download but you need a network connection to play the Titan Wars.

Download SIEGE: Titan Wars from the Google Play Store