Emojis started out as just smiley faces that we insert in text and online conversations with friends and loved ones, but now, it has become almost a whole new language (and even industry!). The Unicode Consortium, which brings the standard that platforms and companies use, has announced the release of Unicode 8.0. Now we have 37 more emojis to have fun with and to communicate with others, even without using any words.

Would you like to guess what was the most requested emoji of all time? Apparently, there are a lot of people who would like to tell people they’re chatting with that they really want tacos, without actually having to spell the word tacos. So finally, Unicode includes this emoji, alongside 7 other most requested ones in the category called “Most Popularly Requested Emoji”. The other seven are cheese wedge, hotdog, burrito, popcorn, bottle with popping cork, turkey, and unicorn.

The other three categories are Face, Hands, and Symbols of the Zodiac (including nerd face, zipper faced mouth, face with rolling eyes); Symbols That Have Religious Significance (just 6 – place of worship emoji, kaaba emoji, mosque emoji, synagogue emoji, menorah with nine branches emoji and prayer beads emoji).; and Missing Popular Sports Symbols (6 as well – cricket bat and ball emoji, volleyball emoji, field hockey stick and ball emoji, ice hockey stick and puck emoji, table tennis paddle and ball emoji, and badminton racquet and shuttlecock emoji.)

Smartphones, tablets and computers would need to be updated by their respective platforms and software companies to be able to enjoy these “new wave” emojis. Everyone familiar with how this works would know that this will take some time before you can send a lot of taco and burrito emojis to give a “hint” as to where you want to eat tonight.

VIA: SlashGear