How Google Play Works

Google Play is where we get all the mobile games, apps, and digital content for our Android devices. Active Android users–over 2.5 billion in number–including you and me, access Google Play to get stuff. More Android users are being added each day and each one has access to Google Play. Without Google Play, you can’t download a new app or any content you want. It’s an integral part of the platform as it makes possible the mobile experience an Android user deserves whatever version is running.

The Android team is sharing “How Google Play Works” as it wants the public to understand. Transparency is key and so knowing how the Google Play Store works will make users be aware of how to keep devices safe and secure. It is also a way to show our support for the developers and the community.

Google’s Android team has shared there are 116 billion downloads from Google Play in the past year along. The report was presented at the Android Dev Summit 2019. The number is huge it’s really hard to keep track of all of them.

The Google Play system needs continuous updating, reviewing, and maintenance. Developer policies are regularly visited to cover various topics from malware to harassment to bullying and more. Ideally, all apps are reviewed and scanned but there are “bad” apps that still get in. Play Protect comes in when about to be installed.

The Google Play Store will only continue to evolve through time as technology advances. The content, products, devices, and the society will definitely evolve so we’re looking forward to the changes in the comings months or maybe even decades.

Download the full report from HERE.