Uncharted is one of those signature franchises on the Sony PlayStation. Gamers will remember the game series for its third-person shooter action adventure games, but the franchise looked to be firmly a Sony PS thing. Until recently, when “Uncharted: Fortune Hunter” was launched to the Android world via the Google Play Store.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter lets go of its action adventure leanings and goes for something simpler on mobile – a puzzle game. That’s pretty logical, because all you need is a story line and some hard-to-beat puzzles for the game to be successful. Of course, the franchise’s main character – the hunky adventurer Nathan Drake – still makes an appearance here.

In the game, players help Drake progress through tile-based puzzle stages. You have to solve these mainly relying on logic, sequence, and direction. It’s not the most exciting game there is, but fans of the franchise should be tickled enough to try gaming with Drake in a casual gaming setting.


The graphics are gorgeous, and the game is free to play. What more are you waiting for? Time to try this new game out.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


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