Listening to music while you work or work out can sometimes be a matter of sanity or zen for some people. Most of the time, however, we are left to choose between quality but heavy equipment that weigh upon our heads and sub par but light earphones that tangle and strangle us instead. With this new earbuds, however, you no longer have to make a choice. The Wireless Feather Bluetooth Earbuds deliver crystal-clear audio in a tangle-free design. And it won’t burn a whole in your wallet, too!

Whether you are taking phone calls while you work or listening to your favorite podcasts while you run, you can take your audio library with you wherever you go. Being lightweight, you’ll barely notice they’re even there. And with a working distance of 30 ft, you can leave your music source in another room while you finally get down and dirty cleaning up that garage.


These earbuds were designed with comfort in mind. Aside from the lightweight construction, which gives it less than 3 oz of weight, it comes with 3 sizes of comfort-fit gelled earbuds. But if you’re still worried they might drop off during your intense training sessions, they also come with optional ear hooks to add to your peace of mind.


Normally $60 a pair, the Wireless Feather Bluetooth Earbuds now comes with a 58 percent discount, down to only $24.99. Free shipping is offered to those in the US and even comes with a one-year full replacement warranty. So don’t wait to get your own pair and start working to the beat.

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