Since the release of the G1, Android owners sat by patiently waiting for an Android device with UMA capabilities. That wait may come to an end soon. BGR is reporting that T-Mobile is currently test UMA to be used in upcoming Android handsets.

T-Mobile will be testing this UMA Android device Q3 this year. That’s right around the corner, Q2 is coming to a swift end. This is welcome news for all of us T-Mobile customers, I thought UMA was getting phased out, it’s nice to see they haven’t given up on the service.

For those of you that don’t know, UMA is service by T-Mobile that essentially turns your house into a mobile hotspot. In addition to that, it allows certain phones to effortless switch between Wi-Fi and regular mobile signal. While your phone is connected to the hotspot no matter how weak your signal is your area your phone will have excellent service. And the best thing about UMA is, while you’re connected you can make as many calls as you want without using a single minute on your plan. An Android phone with this feature would be a great addition.

[via BGR]


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