Ultimate Browser Project

The Ultimate Browser Project has just been updated to v1.4.3. If you haven’t tried this open source browser yet, feel free to download the app that supports a number of special functions not offered by other browsers.

For one, this browser app allows a special custom homepage. You can use the overflow menu’s Add to home to pin webpages to the browser. To customize the homepage, you can use the Relayout function while you can edit the title with a long press on a particular card on the page. You can now also set custom User Agent in the Application settings.

Switching tabs is easier now. Set the tab switcher position found at the top or bottom of the screen. Change the settings at Setting/ Browser/ Tab position. To dismiss a page, swipe up or down the browser. To display the tab switcher, just click on the address bar (Omnibux) and pull it down or up.

You can also set the Ultimate Browser Project as default browser so all links can open in the background. When you double-click on a link, a dialog will show allowing you to open links in foreground. The volume control can also be used to set volume keys behavior to scroll webpages or switch tabs. You can also add AdBlock to Setting/AdBlock/Whitelist if you find it annoying.

App is already optimized for Android 5.1 Lollipop and Material Design elements are pretty obvious. Making this a better choice for an app browser is the fact that it is lightweight. The developers say this isn’t RAM hungry, using less RAM compared to other web browsers.

Download the UltimateBrowserProject from GitHub

VIA: xdadevelopers