Asus is on top of the Android tablet heap at the moment thanks to the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, but they’ve had a hard time keeping it there lately. A number of controversies have sprouted up around the quad-core Android slate. Apparently those quality issues have led UK online gadget seller Clove to suspend sales of the Transformer Prime indefinitely. “Because of complaints of faults with the model we took the decision to thoroughly test stock before fulfilling any orders,” said Clove on their official blog. [ed. note: blog appears to be down at the moment] 

To be fair, the Transformer Prime has had more than its share of problems. Early adopters have reported signal issues with both WiFi and GPS reception, probably due to the Prime’s all-metal case construction. There’s not a lot that can be done about the physics of radio waves, but on top of that, power users were upset that the hardware comes with a locked bootloader. Asus changes a lot of opinions by promising an unlocker option in February – announcing an Ice Cream Sandwich update didn’t hurt. Of course, bricked devices and other errors in the update process put them back at square one.

Asus replied to Clove’s posting with skepticism, saying that they weren’t aware of any quality issues, and that they “refute any and all claims from third parties regarding the quality of our products.” Since Clove didn’t elaborate on what customers were complaining about, we don’t have a lot to go on as far as estimating when UK buyers can expect a return. With the Transformer Prime in short supply almost everywhere, this is sure to irritate at least a few across the pond. We’ll keep you updated on any changes in Clove’s policy.

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[via Pocket Gamer]