Shoppers in the UK that use an Android phone can now get a new app from the high street retailer Debenhams. The new app offers the shopper all sorts of features and tech to enrich the in-store shopping experience. Debenhams says that the Android app is the follow-up to its iPhone app with similar features released last year.

The Android app has a barcode scanner that is the first offered by a high street retailer. The bar code scanner is a virtual shopping assistant that uses the camera on the Android device to snap a photo of the barcode on an item. The app then uses the barcode to check pricing and reviews on the item.

Customers with the app can also get special deals in the store by scanning special QR codes that are in advertisements and in store windows. The app also supports a wish list and the ability to sort the products by color, size and lots more. The app can be downloaded right now at no charge.