Who’s ready for the next adventurous unboxing video brought to you by Google and Patrick Boivin? This is a Google tradition called Ninja unboxing just like all their previous Nexus devices (linked to below), and today they’ve brought out the big guns with UFC’s Champion fighter GSP. Check out the impressive video after the break.

The Ninjas are back to unbox another Nexus device only this time they’re life-sized and get beat out by the one and only George St-Pierre. If you’ve seen any of their previous videos you’ll know they all use stop-motion clay figures animated by Patrick Boivin, but tossing that in with a real life Mixed Martial Arts professional is awesome. I’ll stop talking and let you enjoy the video below:

The UFC Welterweight champion couldn’t wait to unbox his shiny new Google Nexus 7 tablet running on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, but then some trash talking ninjas tried to ruin the party and were quickly put in their place. If you noticed “Dr. Paul’s” apartment you’ll see Jelly Beans, little Android figurines and all sorts of Android goodness spread throughout — a true fan indeed.

Google doesn’t reveal when the tablet will start shipping to those who pre-ordered, but we can expect it sometime in the next week or two. We do however know when GSP will be in the Octagon again, and that is November 17th 2012 for UFC 154 against Carlos Condit — and surely GSP will win that battle just like he always does. We hope you enjoyed the video!

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