Udacity and Google have a long-running partnership, and Android Wear developers are going to benefit from this pretty soon. Google has just announced a new online course for developers called “Ubiquitous Computing for Android Wear”, and it aims to give developers a full course on reaching their users with the features of Android Wear.


If you’re a developer looking to learn the fastest way to get going on creating apps for Android Wear, this might be the course for you. It gives you the lowdown on Android Wear by giving you code snippets, deep dives into sample code, and basically showing you how developing for Android Wear is like an extension to your Android app knowledge.

The course also gives lots of ideas on designing user interfaces and how to make great experiences for your users on this wearable platform. Sometimes, developers need to remember that Android Wear device apps need to adjust to a glance-able and unobtrusive interface.


If you want to try this course out, we have good news – it’s not very expensive, in fact, it’s FREE. Google gains a lot from nurturing great developers for one of their newer platforms, so consider this as Google investing in you so you can create for the Android Wear masses.

SOURCE: Google