During this pandemic, your phone breaking at a time when you’re probably working from home will add even more undue stress. Thinking of going to a repair service center or sending it to one and getting it weeks later can also be stressful. And so uBreakifix has come up with a solution to bring the phone repair service to you with “We Come To You”. More than 600 mobile repair vehicles are now available to come to a location near you.

If you need to have your smartphone repaired and you don’t want to go to an actual service store, you can book an appointment for “We Come To You” and on the same day, the mobile repair vehicle will meet you at your home, office, or any location convenient to you. Currently, there are more than 640 vehicles available all over the U.S. But they are targeting to add more to that number, bringing it to more than 700 across the U.S. and Canada.

But for now, the repairs that they can do on your smartphone are pretty limited. The services include screen repairs and battery replacements for most smartphone models. They will be adding more repair services and also adding more personal tech devices to the supported list. If you have a Samsung or Google Pixel device, they are using OEM parts so you won’t worry about breaking your warranty or affect other features specific to those devices.

All of the We Come To You vehicles can accommodate OEM-grade tests, tools, and processes so the on-site technicians will be able to diagnose, repair, test, and return the devices to you with the problem fixed and almost good as new. The actual uBreakifix stores can also repair game consoles, tablets, computers, drones, hoverboards, and other personal tech devices so hopefully they will eventually bring this capability to the mobile repair service.

To book your “We Come To You” repair and check availability near you, go to the uBreakifix website. You can also check out their other services like curbside service, carry in, and mail-in repair.