Ubisoft has promised the ‘Anno: Build an Empire’ strategy game for Android and now it’s finally ready for download. This is actually the mobile version of the popular strategy game. Players are required to build an empire stone by stone and construct several buildings. You can build, manage, construct just about anything. You can also practice being a city planner called to build a metropolis complete with infrastructre, production facilities.

Since you’re building an empire, you can also launch a big fleet, as well as, search for new islands. You won’t get bored of this ANNO game because each island and level for gameplay is unique. You can also invite family and friends to play the mobile game with you and share tactics and your empire. This is like SIM City but the theme is the medieval times.

Anno: Build an Empire must be played with Internet connection as a requirement. It’s free for download but in-app purchases are also offered. You can also disable in-app purchases if you don’t want to be tempted or lest you want to rack up unnecessary charges.

Anno: Build an Empire is a popular Ubisoft game and the development studio is excited to finally bring the game to Android with multiplayer mode. For a smoother running or gameplay, you need to make sure your community or empire shows diversity when it comes to the whole population and in several fields like religion education, or entertainment.

Download Anno: Build an Empire from the Google Play Store