With news of the Chromebox for Meetings coming out, one of neat features is the ability to have massive meetings via Hangouts. Natively, Hangouts supports up to 10 participants, which is great for personal use, but not enterprise. If for some reason you end up needing more than 10 people in a Hangout — but can’t afford the steep price of the new Chromebox — UberConference has you covered.

The company — which provide solutions for the new enterprise Chromebox — have made their service available for regular Hangouts as well. Inside the Hangouts video conferencing tool, there is now an UberConference app. By enabling that, users can now get the ability to add up to 100 users. Though it is monetized after 10 users, UberConference provides a unique service unavailable to Hangouts natively.

Aside from the ability to add a ton of people to a conference call, UberConference allows them to dial in. By assigning your hangout a phone number, users can now dial in and chat via voice only. In Hangouts the ability to use voice only is only available if the people in the chat call out, and doesn’t accept incoming calls.

With UberConference, you get up to 100 users (with a paid subscription), and people can dial in as needed. There is no more trying to reach someone over and over, pausing the chat as you go. While the Chromebox for Meetings may be a great tool for larger companies, this is one that will likely suit smaller businesses — and maybe huge families — better.

VIA: The Next Web