How’s Uber so far for you? It’s a lifesaver for us. We’ve probably tried all kinds of Uber services and the San Francisco-based company is set to launch a new app called UberEATS. We’re guessing this is related to food deliveries. Those in some of the key markets where Uber is popular is now ready to pick up orders from your favorite restaurant and deliver the food straight to your location.

UberEATS app is now ready for download on Android and iOS. It’s ready to serve those in San Francisco, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. Anytime of the day and any day of the week, 24/7, you can ask UberEATS to deliver your order. Uber has been doing the food deliveries in several cities and it’s been successful so far. This time, Uber has extended delivery distances so more customers can be reached.

Ordering a meal is different from simply requesting for a ride. Uber thought of launching a standalone app for the foodies. Actually, we can call them as ‘techie foodies’ if you want now.

UberEATS app eat is ideal for those who always want to try new restaurants in town. It’s easy to use as with the original Uber app. It still uses the same pool of Uber drivers ready to pickup and deliver your food.

Inside the app, you can select from the menus of local restaurants listed. There are hundreds of menus available but if you’re hungry and are simply rushing, you can check the Instant Delivery menu. In ten minutes, the food can be delivered to your doorstep.

Honestly, we’ve thought of something like this before. So what’s next, Uber Groceries?

Download UberEATS app from the Google Play Store