While we’ve become so used to sharing our address with our ride-sharing apps like Uber, Lyft, etc, there are still some people who are protective of their privacy while at the same time wanting the convenience of a service like that. Uber is now adding a new option that comes with the latest update, which gives you an alternative to sharing your exact address, in case you’re not really sure if you should, but you still want to be picked up without having to cross five blocks or something. Cross streets are now available for times like those.

All the cities in the US who will be picked up or dropped off within a cross street address can choose from either or any of the cross streets nearest their destination or pick up point. The way to do it is to type the two street names in your pick up or drop off location. But in case either of the cross streets don’t show up or if you don’t actually know what they are, you can enter your exact address then just move the pin to where you want to be picked up.

Aside from the cross street option, there are actually other features in Uber to help keep your information private. Drivers’ and riders’ phone numbers are anonymized so you don’t have to share your exact number but can still contact each other. All the communication occurs within the app. If you report an issue with a driver, he/she will not be able to know it came from you.

To be able to use the cross street option, update your Uber app to the latest version. Remember, this only applies to cities across the US. Hopefully they will also expand soon.