A lot of people are still getting used to the newest interface of Uber that was updated a few months ago. But of course the ride-sharing juggernaut is expected to add more features to the app, to supposedly make the riders’ experience better and maybe even more fun. The latest new things that they’re introducing is an integration with one of the more popular messaging apps, Snapchat, as well as the ability to put your contacts as your destination.

Sometimes when you’re on your ride, you get bored and just go on social media or a messenger app and just start chatting with friends. If you’re a heavy Snapchat user, you won’t have to leave the Uber app anymore as it now has Snapchat integration. You can unlock custom Uber filters so it’s more fun when you let your friends know where you are. If you already have an account with the app, you will see a Snap card in your Uber feed. Just choose a filter, take a selfie and then swipe right, without having to leave the Uber app.

Speaking of getting to friends, the idea behind making your contact your destination is that sometimes, it’s not an actual place that we want to get to. The more important question to ask is where is your person right now? To be able to use the feature, you have to of course sync your contacts to the Uber app. Then when you’re booking a ride and the app asks you “Where to?”, then you type in the name of the person you’re meeting.

Your contact will then receive a notification from Uber to indicate where they are and once they accept, their specified location will be your destination. You probably should advise them to stay put where they are so your ride will not have to go around searching for him/her/they. They will also get updates just like when you share the ETA of your trip. The update is slowly rolling out to users, so just wait if it’s not there with you yet.