Uber as a company has since started different ventures. It’s not just all about ride-sharing. Uber wants to give back to the community by offering Uber Health–a new service that will mainly benefit the elderly, people with disabilities, and the sick. With the aim of servicing those people in real need, Uber Health will aim to focus on a specific need as the company teams up with several healthcare organizations. The goal is to provide comfortable and reliable transportation for patients from their home to any healthcare facility or hospital.

Uber Health works by letting healthcare professionals to order rides for their patitents. By using a special dashboard, they can call rides so patients don’t miss any of their appointments. If you’re a patient, you have no reason not to miss your schedule because there’s Uber Health.

Healthcare in the United States isn’t always excellent but Uber helps to ensure flexible ride scheduling for patients, caregivers, and even their staff. For app developers, there’s the Uber Health API so the service can be integrated with existing services, as well as, other healthcare products.

Uber Health can be reliable because advanced scheduling of rides is allowed up to 30 days or just within a few hours before an appointment. Multiple rides are also allowed for more efficiency.

The service doesn’t necessarily need a rider to have the Uber app. Scheduling can be done through SMS. Rest assured, Uber Health does meet HIPAA standards. This is important so the public can have the peace of mind all the time that the service complies with known standards.