The problem with listening to audio such as music or movies via your smartphone or even your laptop is that often the sound systems in your devices lack the power to product ideal audio. A new headphone amplifier called UAMP has debuted that promises to improve the sound you hear with any headphones in a portable package.

The UAMP is small enough to be carried in a pocket and connects between your device and your headphones. The people behind the UAMP product claim that it will give you the same sort of sound quality that you expect to get from high-end audio gear.

The UAMP measures 43 x 43 x 9mm and weighs in at 26 grams. It’s small enough to go into that previously useless coin pocket on your jeans. It can connect to any device that has a 3.5mm headphone output.

The device has an integrated EQ to allow you to tune the music to your tastes. Power comes from a battery good for ten hours of use per charge. The project was seeking $15,000 AUD and raised over $23,000 AUD so far with 42 days to go on Kickstarter. A pledge of $65 or more will get you a UAMP with delivery expected in July.

SOURCE: Kickstarter