Tired of your ringtone or message notification sounding like everyone else’s tones? Or are you sick of the usual melodious sounds signaling an app’s update or activity? If yes, then Type Your Ringtone might be that little utility that you’ve been looking for to spruce up your device’s sound bites, by having them speak out instead of whistling to a tune.

Type Your Ringtone is somewhat genius in its simplicity. All it uses are the frameworks and technologies present in almost all Android devices, like the text-to-speech engine (TTS) that converts written words into spoken speech and the ability to assign tones to specific contacts or apps. But the app combines them in such a way that could make you think “why haven’t I thought of that before!”, at least if you actually wrote Android apps yourself.

The way it works is also simple. Simply type out the text that you want to be used as the notification, pick out the language you want to hear it in, and assign it to a contact, an app, or as the default ringtone. You will, of course, be limited by the selection of TTS voices on Android, but that’s not exactly few to begin with. Exciting and fun as it may sound, there is just one important detail to know of before you set your heart and mind to this sort of notification system.

The free version of the app is, well, free, but it is practically trialware. You can create a ringtones, select a language, and set it as the default notification or ringtone, but that’s all you will be able to do. The Pro version opens the gates to more controls, all of which are actually essential to the whole premise of the app. Here you will be able to tweak the pitch and speed of the voice and actually assign ringtones to different contacts and apps. That said, the Pro version costs only $1, which, depending on your proclivities, might be an OK price to pay to give your device a bit more personality than the rest of the crowd.

Download: Type Your Ringtone (Free), (Pro) on Google Play Store
VIA: Lifehacker