We have plenty of options when looking for a wireless charger for our smartphones. With models from LG, Nokia, PowerMat, Energizer and recently Samsung, but the folks from TYLT offer our favorite. The TYLT Wireless charger doubles as a stand, and the entire platform will charge your device so you won’t be fumbling for that perfect position to get a charge. Take a look below.

TYLT first revealed their QI wireless charger and stand at CES in January, and it quickly went up for pre-order a few weeks later. Coming in an array of different colors, rapid charging technology and more we decided to grab one and let you all know how it went.

As you can see from the images, this isn’t just a mat or platform you drop your phone on like the others offer. It doubles as a stand and has a perfect angle for viewing movies. Then once plugged in via micro-USB, the stand becomes an efficient wireless charger. The DROID DNA, LG Nexus 4, Lucid 2 and others all have wireless charging built-in, so this would be the perfect accessory.


Samsung recently released their wireless charging battery replacement doors for the Galaxy S4. Buy one of those, snap it on, and throw your GS4 on the TYLT charger and you’ll be fully juiced up in no time. Unlike the slow charging Samsung wireless dock, the TYLT offers full-speed micro-USB rapid charging, instead of the trickle charge most wireless charging pads offer. So it won’t slow you down.

The front bottom of the dock, under the lip, there’s an easy to spot LED indicator. This will let you know when the device is charging, full, or for some reason not connected properly. The TYLT offers what they call a “Free Positioning Mode” so even if your phone is sitting landscape while you enjoy a movie, it should still charge.

Overall we really like the TYLT since it doubles as a stand, and your device won’t slide off like the Nexus 4 charging orb. It has a soft-touch rubber material to prevent scratching, and nice soft rubber feet for added stability on the table or your office desk.


The TYLT Wireless Charger and stand is available as we speak for $69.99, and once you buy that battery cover for your Galaxy S4 you’ll be set. Otherwise toss that Nexus 4 or DROID DNA with built-in wireless charging on the TYLT and you’ll have full power at the same speed as traditional walled charging. It’s available in black, blue, red, yellow, and a few other colors so have at it.