If you’re looking for a screen protector for your Galaxy S5, there are a lot of options out there. While most will do an adequate job, there are those which offer a touch better protection than others. In addition to being one of the better screen protectors we’ve tested, the ALIN kit from TYLT has a really interesting way of applying their product.

To start, you’ll get four screen protectors in the kit: three HD Clear and one HD Anti-Glare. You’ll also get a microfiber cloth for cleaning your device off, a smoothing card for clearing bubbles, and an alignment tool. The alignment tool is where the uniqueness comes into play, and for anyone who’s ever screwed up a screen protector application, it’s a godsend.

Typically, the method for not screwing up a screen protector application calls for spraying the device down with a solvent or water, pushing bubbles out as you go. The problem there is that if you don’t have a good protector, the tolerance for stretching is low. You could end up with a wonky protector, or one that sits crooked.


If you want the perfect fit, TYLT’s system is easily the best option. Your phone sits in the cradle, and all you need to do is slip your protector in and press down. The HD protectors are thick enough to withstand stretching, and the guide keeps you on the strait and narrow.

We tried it with several of the screen protectors, and will say that cleaning the device is paramount. We toyed with not cleaning the device ahead of application (just for fun), and any smudges were still evident, maybe even amplified. Giving a solid wipe-down with the included cloth is important, and we suggest applying in as dust-free a room as you can find.

We also tested with spraying the device with a touch of water before applying (as we’re used to doing), as well as applying dry. The liquid wasn’t necessary, but didn’t distract from the application. Bubbles that naturally occur with a screen protector application were easily dismissed via either method, so that’s really a matter of choice.


The alignment tool was a great safety net for smoothing away bubbles when applying wet, whereas normally you’d caution yourself against moving the screen protector. We wouldn’t suggest gong crazy, but it’s not going to slide around much.

The protectors themselves are great, with cutouts looking clean around speakers and microphones. There was no degradation with touch response, and the anti-glare did an adequate job in sunlight. If you’re not sure about an anti-glare screen protector, we’d suggest starting with that one before moving onto one of the HD options.

While it’s great to have four screen protectors, we wouldn’t need more than one if not for testing the product. The alignment tool in the ALIN kit makes application a snap, and prevented us from fumbling with the phone while trying to apply the protector. Aside from having a fabulous screen protector, TYLT has the best method for application, which is handier than you might think.