Team Win Recovery Project – more popularly known as just TWRP – is undisputedly the top custom recovery software for Android these days. TWRP toppled over ClockWork Mod (CWM) from its perch because it was first to introduce a touchscreen-based interface, and did not look back from there. Now we have a new version out.

The development of TWRP has been sensational, so it keeps its place as the best custom recovery you can use for tweaking your Android device. This new version – TWRP version 3.2.0-0 – comes out with some new features, but developer Ethan Yonker – codename “Dees Troy” – warns that this early build failed with numerous test devices. He says that it might take a few days before he can test the build for those devices, so a little patience is needed.

The highlight new features for this version are as follows:
– Allow restoring adb backups in the TWRP GUI
– Fix gzip backup error in adb backups
– Fix a bug in TWRP’s backup routines that occasionally corrupted backup files
– Better support for installing Android 8.0 based zips due to legacy props
– Support vold decrypt with keymaster 3.0 in 8.0 firmwares
– Decrypt of synthetic passwords for Pixel 2
– Support newer ext4 FBE policies for backup and restore in libtar
– v2 fstab support
– Bring TWRP forward to android 8.0 AOSP base
– Various other minor bugfixes and tweaks

So if you want to test this new version out, take note of the warning. But it is now available in the official TWRP download page.