Everybody’s favorite custom recovery – you would all probably point to TWRP and you would be right – has just gotten updated, and the update brings some new features that you probably would want. The new version brings support for ADB backups, A/B partition OTA updates, and an official app to keep you updated.

TWRP is being bumped to version 3.1.0, and the biggest highlight of this update cycle is support for ADB backups. This is for people who want to be secure in their data when applying tweaks to their phone – ADB backup is a feature for backing up files directly to your PC via the Android Debug Bridge connection. This looks to be a very helpful feature.

Also, TWRP now brings support for flashing alpha/beta OTA update zip files. If you’re wondering, it’s Android 7.1 that utilizes the A/B partition scheme, mostly found now on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. As more and more phones come out with the latest and greatest of Android, this feature will become more and more useful.

Lastly, there will be a reminder for you now to install the official TWRP app before you reboot. This is to help people keep the TWRP custom recovery on their phones updated to the latest official and stable build. To see if the latest build is already available for your device, check out the official download page here.

VIA: +DeesTroy


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