The newer Android devices that have Qualcomm chipsets have a choice when it comes to encrypting the data on their device. The first and most obvious is Android stock encryption that has been made available for devices that run Android 5.0 Lollipop or better. The other choice is to use the encryption process and algorithms provided by the Qualcomm chipset, as users of the OnePlus One smartphone have generally done. The good news? TWRP now supports the Qualcomm encryption process on the OnePlus One.

For those who regularly tweak their Android smartphones, encryption is an added challenge. When the users encrypt their data, the custom recovery element – a very important gateway for those who want to flash a custom ROM or a tweak into their devices – usually stops working as it is not able to deal with the encrypted data.

TWRP, or the Team Win Recovery Project, is one of the most popular custom recoveries out there, and they have just announced that they have a build that is already compatible with Qualcomm’s encryption process mainly used on the OnePlus One. This is very good news, as there is a general understanding that Qualcomm’s process is better than Android stock encryption and that most manufacturers might start using Qualcomm’s process soon.


If so, then we can at least rest easy that TWRP is keeping up with the encryption process. TWRP is an essential cog in the life of a lot of Android users, and it’s good that the devs are keeping their end of the program developing. Good on you, TWRP!