For those rocking NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered smartphones or tablets, like the Nexus 7, we have a few new awesome games to share with you. In collaboration with NVIDIA two new games have just arrived on the Google Play Store and NVIDIA TegraZone exclusively for Tegra devices. Both options will cost a few dollars but Razor Salvation sure looks exciting. Check them out below.

First up is an impressive looking game called Razor Salvation where you play a Dropship commander looking to save his world from death and destruction. You’ll be in charge of the Dropship “Salvation” and you’ll be tasked with saving your homeland and then rescuing Earth’s inhabitants.

Thanks to the NVIDIA Tegra 3, with Razor Salvation you’ll be able to experience a high polygon count, great graphics, detailed textures and realistic natural lighting effects in-game. They’ve added destructible environments too and you’ll be blasting your way around the cities and through buildings with ease. We were told Razor Salvation would launch at $2.99 for Tegra 3 devices but today it appears to be on sale for the odd price of just $2.03 and you can get it now in the Google Play Store, or NVIDIA TegraZone.

Then the second game available today should make a few PS and PS Vita fans happy because the developers at ACQUIRE have released the popular SUMIONI Demon Arts game for Android. Sadly this will come at a pretty penny and run users $12.83 here on Android — but the THD graphics should make for an excellent playing experience. Sumioni is a side scrolling game where you play the Ink Demon, where swipes of the finger on screen will make various “ink” attacks as you save the world. Interesting concept and you can learn more from the Google Play Store, or NVIDIA TegraZone.

Both games look quite decent, but I’m still deeply loving the new ShadowGun: DeadZone multiplayer personally. More Tegra games are detailed below.